What Are You Wearing Today?

“The body is a sacred garment.”
Essentially clothing our beings, our bodies can be considered garments. When thought of as a garment, the body becomes sacred in several respects. Dictionary.com defines sacred as “devoted exclusively to…a single person,” “dedicated to…the worship of a deity,” or “entitled to veneration or religious respect by association with divinity.” Based on these definitions, we can draw some parallels.

Of course, our bodies are devoted exclusively to ourselves and, in that respect, are sacred. Then, we might consider our bodies sacred as an earthly portal to worship; dedication to worship is possible through our exclusive domains. Finally, we address veneration.

When subscribing to an association with divinity, you inhabit a body entitled to veneration according to the Dictionary.com definition. However, there are many more reasons to treat our bodies with respect. With your help, I’d like to develop a Letterman~style “top ten list” of reasons to practice healthy habits.

On a solemn list, we’d include reducing risk of disease and improving quality of life. Reflect on the reasons that inspire you, write them down and put your list in a spot you’ll notice often throughout the day. Even an abbreviated reminder, like “my body is a sacred garment,” may provide some extra encouragement for you to stick to your diet and exercise plan.