Mistakes everyone makes in their twenties

Your twenties are the best time of your life! You are still studying, you grown up but not old enough to work and make some serious cash, your spirit is young and all you want is to avoid boring lifestyle. Okay, now I am talking as an old woman but I want to give you some advices how to make your twenties even better! Okay girls, I recommend avoiding the following…

  1. Trying to get a tan
    Ladies, just two words: fake tan! Let’s be honest smooth, non-sun-damaged skin is always a better idea. And just for the information in the past only the people who were treated as hard field workers had a tan.
  2. Living on social media
    Got a free five minutes? Are you more likely to a) to call a friend or to do something productive for yourself? or b) you prefer to scroll your facebook or instagram feed for new pictures? Don’t be stupid! It’s time to choose more A than B! “When you spend your time checking your Facebook news feed you’re not living in the present and could be missing out on random opportunities or experiences,” says life coach Lisa Phillips.
  3. Not realising your twenties are going to fly
    I still remember the birthday cake for my 21st birthday, the next… Don’t forget you twenties will be one of the most important and the best decades of your life, where you can find the man you love and to get your dream career. Don’t waste it!
  4. Being jealous of so-called “perfect” people
    Instead of feeling miserable and jealous simply write a list of your own achievements and be happy about them. All these people from Instagram.., they make you feel crappy by comparison. Okay, there are always going to be smarter, prettier, better people out there. Be happy with what you’ve got and you will never need to feel bad because of others.
  5. Counting calories
    Ugh, after your twenties there will be time when you will add the word diet to your blacklist. Learn the mantra “everything in moderation” and apply it to alcohol and food. Of course, If you want some extra benefits find time for a sport or try with a sport classes in the university.
  6. Hoping you will fall in love with your boring boyfr.
    This is one of the biggest mistakes which girls do in their twenties. Ladies, you deserve to be with someone who really appreciates you and you have to be 100 percent in love with him. Don’t be with someone just because you want to be in a relationship. If you are single now, create some space for the really amazing guy who will come to your life.
  7. Putting up with bad friends
    Don’t waste your time in friendships or people who makes you feel bad. Love your life! Spend it with friends who value and support you. Your time is precious.
  8. Drunk texting
    Stay away from your phone when you drunk! Especially if you are planning to call to your ex, or to your crush. Sober dialling girls, sober!
  9. Don’t waste your time in cleaning
    Clean house is a sign of a wasted life! No, I mean you are going to do this a lot when you have family and kids. In your twenties… this is not the time for cleaning. This is the time for party, mistakes, friends, sometimes broken hearts and so on. But not for cleaning.
  10. Wasting your money on stupid stuff
    I swear to God, that was the main problem in my twenties. Are you doing the same? Buying lollies, junk food and mostly cheap clothes which you will wear once or twice? Welcome to the club! Be smart and take care of your cash!