Are mud body wraps safe when pregnant?

The modern world has led us into a highly chemical lifestyle with all the refined foods, processed foods and medicines that we take for each and every ailment. These poisons may over time affect the delicate organs and glands or get stored in the fatty tissues of the body. This in turn may lead to many chronic debilitating diseases like headaches, joint pain, cancers, multiple sclerosis and increase in birth defects. These are some of the reasons why people nowadays prefer using a body wrap once in a while.

Body wraps not only help in detoxifying the body, it also helps in toning and firming up the body. However, body wraps have to be used with caution as it is not considered safe for all people. Body wraps are not advised for people with medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes and high and low blood pressure. Doctors also do not advise women who are pregnant or lactating to use a body wrap. This is because of the chemicals that are used in the body wraps, and because of the body wrap process itself.

The body wrap is basically comprised of two steps; absorption and squeezing. When the body is wrapped around your body, it is considered the absorption state of the body wrap. Here the pores of the skin get opened and fluids are extracted and absorbed by the body wrap and the bandage. After this, comes the squeezing part of the body wrap, wherein the tissues are compacted together when the interstitial fluid is extracted. Once the fluids are extracted, empty pockets get formed between the cells which leads to a thinner and leaner body.

Basically, it is this squeezing part of the body that is not recommended for pregnant women. The fluids that are required to keep the baby in the womb may get absorbed with the body wrap, which may in turn lead to some complications on the part of the mother and baby. Moreover, when in a body wrap, there is a possibility of losing body heat, which is not advisable for pregnant women.

So it can be seen that using a body wrap is basically not advisable for pregnant women and lactating mothers. If there is any need of a body wrap, it is better to leave it till the end of the pregnancy and after the nursing period of the baby is over!