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June 2013

December 2014 Issue


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On behalf of both the trustees and editors of Grace
Magazine, I am writing to inform you that as of December
the magazine will cease publication.


This decision has not been an easy one but it has been pressed upon us for a number of reasons. For the past few years the circulation has been in gradual decline and is unlikely to rise as many now source their reading online. As well as this, our managing editor, Stan Evers, has had to devote an increasing amount of his time to the care of his wife who has ongoing, serious health needs. Furthermore none of the present sub-editors is in a position to take on additional commitments and as a team we would not want to move into 2015 with any uncertainties about maintaining the quality or frequency of publication.

It is of course with regret and a measure of sadness that we have reached this decision but we will be meeting in the New Year to consider the possibility of promoting our Grace Baptist heritage and beliefs in a different and more contemporary form via the internet. We would like to thank all our readers past and present for their support, interest and prayers and trust that you will continue to benefit from what we have shared with you over the years.

Malcolm MacGregor
Chair of Trustees